Author TK Lawyer

International Bestselling and Award-winning author, Tamara K. Lawyer, who writes under the pseudonym TK Lawyer was born in Colon, Panama.  She moved to the United States with her family to pursue her post- secondary education aspirations and found her love of writing sometime in 2013.  Her first book, Nightfall was published shortly afterward, in October 2014.  She now has sixteen published books and is working on number seventeen and is part of two upcoming anthologies.

She writes sexy, heartwarming paranormal, urban fantasy  and contemporary romance.  Her books often toe the line, straying from traditional ideas and opening readers’ minds and hearts to unlimited possibilities.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she is likely spending time with her husband/best friend or catering to their lovable American Foxhound misfit #mollylawyerrocks who steals all the attention in their house.

You can connect with TK on Facebook at or on Twitter @tklawyerauthor.