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Orion: Book Five - The Guardian League - Author signed

Orion: Book Five - The Guardian League - Author signed

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Torn between two angels, Zoe must choose only one.

Orion found his fated mate the second he saw her in the reflecting pool. As co-guardian to Zoe, with his nemesis, Mercury, he feels the need to protect the sexy human woman he has been assigned to. The trouble is he wants more. He knows Zoe wants him—but he isn’t the only one. Mercury is a rebel and vying for her attention.

Zoe never imagined she would find herself having to choose between two men—or should she say angels. The need to decide is tearing her apart. Does she choose the irresistible one who ignites her body with his passionate kisses, or the wild, untamed one who excites her?

Zoe wants both, but not all angels will share.

Felicity Heaton and Christine Feehan fans beware! This series is your next guilty little pleasure...

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