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Escapade - Paranormal Romance - Author signed

Escapade - Paranormal Romance - Author signed

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She is fire–He is ice.

Bitter cold on the outside, Archangel Michael’s loving, protective warmth emanates from inside.
Always assured and at the ready- for anything,
Michael helps humanity to solve their problems,
Yet he can’t solve his own.

His fated mate doesn’t recognize him.

Teresa’s beautiful, fiery spirit calls to Michael’s steadfast, cool, collectedness.
As radiant as the morning sun,
Teresa needs him. Michael is her other half. He is the part that is missing-
The yearning desire she craves.

Fascinating and amusing, Teresa proves an unavoidable distraction.
She is created for Michael, yet she poses a challenge.

Can Archangel Michael make time in his busy schedule for her?
Will he help Teresa realize they are meant to be together?
Or will his powerful, high status in the angel hierarchy scare Teresa away?

PUBLISHER NOTE: Silver Medallion Winner, 2023, with Literary Titan. Paranormal Romance. M/F. HEA. Angels and Archangels. Standalone story. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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