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Her Other Guardian - Ebook

Her Other Guardian - Ebook

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Humans. Blah. What was good about them?
That’s what Julian wanted to know when he was assigned to guard one.

Then he saw her in the viewing pool. 
A clever, beautiful, charlatan. A temptress whose illusions wouldn’t work on him.

Humans were angry, evil and unlovable. They started wars.
He’d walk away, unscathed; a year after his detestable assignment was over with.

Ariadne had no luck finding “the one.”

Yet, when a man shows up claiming to be Ariadne's Guardian Angel- his perfect, muscular physique screaming of desire- what can she do? Avoid his snarky attitude and take him to bed, of course.

Still, Julian is only assigned to her, for one year. 
Ariadne wants more.

Will Julian change his mind about her kind? 
Will he take a chance with a human he can’t seem to forget?

Publisher note: Paranormal romance, M/F, angels, demons, stand alone, shared world, BBW, HEA. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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