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Lovely Benefits Anthology - Author Signed Paperback

Lovely Benefits Anthology - Author Signed Paperback

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Afterglow – by Arianna Barton - When Sienna’s parents surprise her with a holiday to Fiji, she is ready to let loose and forget her ex with the buffet of hot men around her. Her brother is determined to stop her fun. Unfortunately for him, his three friends have their hungry eyes on her. Will something spark and catch, or will her brother succeed in keeping her away from lustful fun that could potentially grow into more?

Bring Out The Holly by Tammy Godfrey - Zach and Holly met on Valentine's Day on their way to basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. They have been best friends since, sharing every Valentine's Day together. Zach came up with a proposition. Each Valentine's Day, they share snacks, TV, secrets, and sex, like a real couple. It's in Holly's hands to decide if she wants to do this or not.Will she agree?

Free Falling by Melanie True - They’ve been my best friends for six years. Talking, hanging out, and when we’re single, it’s been hot. But there were no strings attached. Just like our job, free falling can be dangerous. So, what happens when a gust of wind throws me off course? Will my best friends be the parachute I need?

Heart on the Run by Sierra Christenson - When Pierce falls for another pretty boy and ends up with a broken heart, his best friend Jackson proposes a deal. Do away with the short-lived flings and sleep with him, no strings attached. The problem is, Pierce isn't the greatest at keeping his emotions in check, and Jackson has a darker love, almost obsession, with his friend. What happens when both of their secrets come to light?

Her Secret Lover by Trisha Nesbytt - Their arrangement was enough: friends with benefits – until she made the mistake of falling for him.

Make Me, Break Me by Sofia Aves - Dex loves a fun times gal as much as the next hot blooded college male, but Zinzi Jones takes good times to the next level. But she's made her position clear: she's in it for a quickie, a longie, but no sleepovers. Ever. Dex is determined to test Zinzi's boundaries and claim the one thing he craves most-a night in her bed with no chance of leaving before sunrise.

Never, Say Never by Michelle Kyle - Do you think best friends can end up together? How easy do you think it would be after their ex’s start to come back into their lives. Elvie and Luke’s story is a tearjerker filled with passion.

Raven’s Redemption Part 1 by Brittany Wright - Adrian finds Ember on a dating app after wanting to discover a love that is loyal to him. They agree to only be friends with benefits, but when Derek, Ember's ex- tries to complicate things, will Adrian and Ember fall in love, or will they keep things casual and friends with benefits only?

Remaining Friends by Ireland Lorelei - Rylee and Jasper have been best friends since high school. They went to the same college and freshman year the ended up sleeping together after a frat party. They decide to continue sleeping together until one day after college Jasper wants to change the dynamics of the relationship.

Second Chances by Alina Martyn - Things don't always go the way you think they're going to go. When Gage's fiancé, Marissa, is killed suddenly, his life goes off the tracks. The only constant in his life is his best friend, Jennie.There's a chemistry and a tension that they can't deny, but can he cross that line? And if he does, will he be able to keep it as casual as she's wanting, or will he struggle to keep his growing feelings at bay?

Sweet Deal by TK Lawyer - A tech nerd turned genius; Carter’s popular dating app gives him everything he wants but true love. His roommate Nya sees him for who he is, but they are only best friends~with benefits. Will Carter realize the one thing missing from his life is already a part of his life or will he continue casually dating, never giving them a chance?

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