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The Way Back to Heaven Ebook

The Way Back to Heaven Ebook

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Will Josiah let you pass, or will you drop into an unknown abyss?

As an usher to the Other Side, meeting the fabled Josiah means your Mortal Life is gone.

Your fate shall be measured by the decisions made in life.
Will your soul pass through the gates to utter bliss or plummet into darkness, agony, and pain?

Judgment is made by him, and it is 

When Josiah meets Damaris- a woman who was not yet expected to appear –his decision becomes one he may later regret.

Still, he 
must know her.

Will Damaris allow Josiah to love her? To care for her in a way no human can, or will she turn her back on what may be her greatest opportunity to find happiness in the arms of an angel?

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